Chimamanda By Minister Ale Mp3




Introduction :

Ebube dike( strong glory),

ojioku oruaja( consuming fire)

apata nekunwa(the laps that carry babies)

ovungwongwon bu aha gi o,otigburu dibia nehumuo( evil men and their fetish things can’t stand him),

ebagburu dibia nehum muo( he enters their shrine and kills them) ,

agame Ekuruole weh Harole( I can not over emphasis your towards me )

ihiomineme kaririakirile o( your goodness is too much)

ekunimegbakorta( friends and family come and see the Lord’s goodness )

ndi eyimu gbakorta( people come and see),
kainyi ye chukwu ekele nehi Ihuoma omeremuo neluwa inonimeya (friends
come let’s praise him for his goodness , ehh

chorus : onyewo munwa (7x) (God has blessed me with a child )

Solo 1.
Seven years ago I waited for you, seven years ago I waited for a miracle child,

chukwuzitereya nheligwe( the Lord gave me a baby from heaven),

wetiya naformuo( and put her in my stomach ),

simo Ale gawa ,
(And ask me to go)

three months aga tukun Matana dinime ( after 3months I realized I was pregnant)

doctor weh tieh minister edimeh ( your pregnant say’s the Doctor)

nwe lebenu doctor nnsiya edicwa sure ( doctor are your sure )
magaria test ozor( carry out another test)
macariya ozo macariya ozo (carry out the test again and again).

achurum ega scan o cam weh dikwa
sure (i want a scan checkup to be sure)
doctor simu nwam chukwu echetagi o( doctor said God has remembered you)
otupkekwa apkanwagio jebeh jebeh ( the Lord has opened your womb )

Jebe jebe na oge akaraka Eruwo. (Go home daughter, say’s doctor, the appointed time is now)

chorus : onyewo munwa ( God has blessed me with a child )(7x).


Solo 2.
Nine months erola nwejebe labour room(at the ninth month I went to labour room) 2x,

doctor simu pushige( and the doctor asked me to push ) pushenkembu , (pushed the first time) pushicataah abuneriri kere nwam o ,( pushed again to discover a rope that held my child)
nwetiepku noh ekelu si olisa cherem o ekwela ihere memo(and I shouted Lord, Remember me, don’t let shame befall me)

nwey tieh Jesus ole be enor(I screamed Jesus, where are you? ),
Chinah murumnwa nwayi nwa( lord of the hebrew women)
bia murumu nwameh ekwele ka indiro chiamurchi daddy o(Lord come help me deliver my baby so I will not be put to shame) ozugbo ne kwo kuwa,
ozogbom kuburi okwa o chimamanda sim na aformu putaah ( immediately I called on the Lord my baby came out)
owebeh ,tieh beh tieh, beh, tienkpu na okeolu ehhhhh ( and we heard the baby’s voice crying )
Chineke Emeworomuya (God has done it for me)

Chorus: Onyewu
munwa(8x) ( God has blessed me with a child)

Solo 3.

Onwamu puta nnaya
pkor ya Amanda (my baby came out, the father called her Amada) , Chimamanda riri oh nwanyoma(Chimamanda my beautiful one)
Onyechukwu tere nmanu kebu(the Annioted one you are).
egahawu nwuheke.(you will not die untimely)

egahanwo nwueke egaha nwo ngwa ngwa eehhh, (untimely death is not your portion)2x
Macana chukwu etewo gi nmanu, ( because the Lord’s hands are on you chorus :
omanda riri (you can’t fail ) 15x



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